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About Us

The Snow Stars Club was formed with a new approach to the club management system and holding special and specialized events and seasonal camps. The special location of the club and its location in Dizin is an attractive place for holding various events. Also, the mountainous climate, proximity to Tehran, location near Dizin International Piste and accommodation facilities of Dizin hotels are among the other advantages of the club. Snow Stars Club intends to establish itself as a new generation of camps, tours and events. Creating a different and quality experience for our club members is one of the main goals of the club. The order of events, the variety and attractiveness of the programs, the high quality and the use of modern knowledge and technologies, play an important role in creating this experience.



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Number of our events

4309 4309

The number of our guests

Our Facilities In Dizin

High Quality Service

Dizin Hotel Dizin Hotel
Dizin Hotel

Exclusive accommodation in Dizin hotel

Sports Facilities Sports Facilities
Sports Facilities

 multi-purpose sports field (basketball, volleyball, and tennis) & Rope adventures, boxing ring, and trampoline

Holding Events Holding Events
Holding Events

Conferences, seminars, congresses, and specialized meetings
Workshops (general, educational, etc.)
Exhibitions and fair

Drinks and Foods Drinks and Foods
Drinks and Foods

Exclusive Restaurant & Coffee shop

Professional Skiing Services Professional Skiing Services
Professional Skiing Services

Access to Dizin international piste

Piste tickets at a reasonable price

Accommodation at Dizin Hotel

Beginner & professional skiing training

Entertaining winter sports events

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