Ski Safety

Safe skiing

Do not start skiing without an instructor.

Winter sports are one of the most fun sports among young people, which with a little carelessness can turn happiness into sadness and unhappiness. Following these tips can help you avoid the potential dangers of skiing. Note that safety and health are the first condition to enjoy any kind of sport:

1 - Before going skiing, make sure your body is in shape.

2 - If you have not skied before, use a trainer for training.

3 - Use the right equipment with your body physique and make sure they are in good condition and healthy and you have tightened their fasteners well.

4 - Even when the weather is cloudy, use special glasses to protect your eyes.

5 - Be aware of your strength and stop skiing in an inappropriate place before getting tired.

6 - When skiing, always look around and be careful that no one touches you.

7 - Ask your friends or coach to teach you how to use the ski lift.

8 - If you fall too soon when skiing, be sure that you have trouble balancing, be sure to ask the instructor to guide you and never continue skiing before getting guidance.

9 - Always ski in such a way that you can keep yourself at all times. Avoid taking risks and doing activities that may make you uncontrollable for a while.

10 - If you want to stop skiing, be sure that your stop will not cause you another collision. After standing, go to the piste so as not to disturb other people's skis.

11 - Even if you are a professional, never ski alone, the accident will not be reported.

12 - Be sure to bring with you nutritious and light foods (chocolate, dates, etc.), it will be useful for you.

13 - Remember that safety observations do not in any way indicate your inexperience or infancy.

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